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Dice have long fascinated people who play games. Many like to collect them and there have been collectible dice games. Dice are advertising venues because they are kept and continued to be looked at. Special dice always increase the perceived value of games. The difficulty has always been that custom dice in small quantities were problematic. Either they were not economically feasible due to high molding costs or poor quality because the customized side was printed and would eventually rub off with normal use. With our process, now you can have specialized faces in small quantities on a six-sided die that will not rub off.

Limitations and Possibilities

• This is not a photographic process. Full color is not available.
• Any line graphic or text is possible.
• Very fine detail can be achieved.
• Production runs of 10 dice or more are possible.
• This unique process and great Chessex dice colors are a fantastic combination.


• We can offer this process on six-sided dice with pips (spots) where the customized side is on the 1’s or the 6’s side in about 15 of our most popular colors.
• We can also offer this process on dice that can have all the sides customized.
• We have limited edition 20mm and 22mm dice that can be customized on all the sides.
• If you have a need for anything not covered by the above, please ask and we will see if it is possible.


10-25 dice: $1.00 per side
26-99 dice: $0.75 per side
100-199 dice: $0.60 per side
200-499 dice: $0.50 per side
500 + dice: $0.42 per side
Please contact us for projects larger than 500.

• These prices are for the 16mm six-sided dice and include the die itself.
• All orders must be accompanied with a credit card or Paypal.
• Shipping costs are added to all orders.

For questions or requests, please contact the Custom Department at custom@chessex.com.

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