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Gemini™ Polyhedral sets

Please click on the dice to see the shapes AND SETS available in that color.

Orange-Yellow w/black

Red-White w/gold

Teal-White w/black

Black-Blue w/gold blackblue


Blue-Green w/gold blackblue


Green-Purple w/gold blackblue



Black-White w/red

Blue-Steel w/white

Gold-Green w/white

Black-Pink w/white

Blue-Red w/gold

Purple-Steel w/white

Gemini 4 colors

Black-Green w/gold

Black-Purple w/gold

Green-Steel w/white

Gemini 3 colors

Black-Red w/gold


Copper-Green w/white


Translucent Green-Teal w/gold blackblue

Gemini 1 colors

Blue-Gold w/white

Copper Steel w/white

Purple-Red w/gold

Gemini 2 colors

Blck-Copper w/wht

Blue-Purple w/gold

Green-Red w/white




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