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Marble™ sets

Please click on the dice to see the shapes AND SETS in that color.

27402 Marble Polyhedral Ivory/black
7-Die Set $9.98

27202 Ivory/black Set of Ten d10s $13.98

27602 Marble 16mm d6 Ivory/black
Dice Block™ (12 dice) $9.98

27802 Marble 12mm d6 Ivory/black
Dice Block™ (36 dice) $13.98

Six Sided Dice with Pips(spots)
DM1292 12mm d6 w/pips Ivory/black $0.40
DM1692 16mm d6 w/pips Ivory/black $0.85
DM5092 Marble 50mm d6 w pips Ivory/black $18.00

Multi-Sided (Polyhedral) Dice with Numbers
PM0492 Polyhedral Ivory w/black d4 $1.45
PM0692 Polyhedral Ivory w/black d6w/s $1.45
PM0892 Polyhedral Ivory w/black d8 $1.45
PM1092 Polyhedral Ivory w/black d10 $1.45
PM1192 Polyhedral Ivory/black Tens10$1.45
PM1292 Polyhedral Ivory w/black d12 $1.45
PM2092 Polyhedral Ivory w/black d20 $1.45

LE744 Marble Bag of 20 Polyhedral Ivory/black Dice $26.10
contains the following mix of polyhedral dice
(1-d4, 3-d6 w/#s, 1-d8, 5-d10, 1-Tens 10™, 1-d12, and 8 d20)

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