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SRP 2000:Skyrealms of Jorune 3rd Edition

Escape the bounds of the ordinary
and enter Jorune, a world where you match
your wits against alien creatures with
unearthly powers.
This third edition lets you create a character
that strikes your fancy, from any walk of life. Jorune contains everything you need to start exploring this world of Skyrealms and dark
warps, Earth-Tec arsenals and Bio-Tec
life forms.$20.00

SRP 2010: The Sobayid Atlas

This sourcebook details the Sobayid, a land of mystery, danger and adventures. In addition to complete campaign information for Sobayid, the Atlas includes new dysha
and knowledge, street maps, plus pages of new material to help shape and plot your
next Jorune game. $16.00

SRP 2101: The Gire Of Sillipus

This sourcebook sends the adventures on a trek through the dark side of Jorune, into contact with the Blue Legion-powerful muadra with a thirst for power. Also includes a campaign setting with detailed NPCs, maps of key cities, new creatures, and new revelations about the pirate realm. $12.00


SRP 2001: The Sholari Pack

Designed to be the perfect resource for Skyrealms of Jorune Third Edition, the Sholari Pack is a package no game master should be without. This package includes a Sholari Screen, a six-panel shield for game play with all important combat and dysha charts; The Sholari Companion, an 80-page rules expansion from weapon listings to creature information; and Voyage of the Aylon Star, an exciting 32-page adventure set on a Jaspian crystal schooner. $16.00

SRP 2100: The Innocents Of Gauss

Characters must solve the disturbing, unexplained disappearances in a farming community. An adventure for four characters, designed to introduce players to the world of Journe. Pre-generated characters included, but a game master could easily fit the adventure into an existing campaign. $10.00


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