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Mat Maintenance


Here are some helpful hints to keep your mat in top shape for years to come.
Try to keep the mat rolled when not in use.  Folding will produce creases that
may not come out easily.  Although every
crease is different, most can be coaxed out.  One method is to lay the mat out
flat and apply several books directly on
the crease for a period of several hours
or perhaps overnight.  Another method
is to use warm water poured over the
spot to soften it and then knead out the crease.
DO NOT iron your game mat or expose it to excessive heat, sunlight, or flame.

This should be done using only a mild detergent.  If you desire to use a
stronger solution or solvent, it should be tested first on a small portion of the
mat to avoid wholesale removal of the surface and/or the printed pattern.  A toothbrush or other bristle brush can help facilitate the removal of stubborn stains.

What is the difference between a Battlemat™ and a Megamat™? The difference between
the two items is the size and thus the amount of Hexes/Squares on them. Megamat™ measures 48" x 34½", Battlemat™ measures 26" x 23½". See image to the right.

What kind of Markers can I use on my mat? Use only WATER-SOLUBLE pens. Water-based overhead projection pens (OHP) work best, as they are designed for use on plastic.
DO NOT use grease pencil or dry-erase pens. See instructions above for more details.

What does LOS Dots mean? LOS Dots stand for Line of Sight Dots

What color is Oyster? The standard color of our mats is Oyster. It is a light beige with a darker beige color which gives the mat a textured look. See image to the right.

Are Crystal Mats see through? The Crystal mats are printed on a clear vinyl that is completely see through.


Use only WATER-SOLUBLE pens.  Water-based overhead projection pens (OHP) work best, as they are designed for use on plastic.  DO NOT use grease pencil or dry-erase pens. The vinyl surface is too porous to allow for easy removal of these substances.  OHP's are available at most stationery and art supply stores.   Do not leave ink on the mats overnight if possible, since permanent staining may occur.  Daily clean-up is the best assurance of a long-lasting mat.  Note: We have found that RED pens have a particular tendency to stain if left on overnight.  We recommend that this color be removed as soon as possible.  Other colors known to commonly cause problems are PURPLE, BROWN, ORANGE, and YELLOW. Try not to leave them on the mat for a prolonged period of time.

Unfortunately, once your mat has been stained with an incorrect pen, we have found no way of removing the stain. Although we have heard of different items used to remove stains we cannot vouch for the quality of your mat after using them, so PLEASE follow these instructions to the letter! If you have a stained mat, your only recourse is to replace it.




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